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Magdalena Liem

Psychotherapist/Senior Counsellor and Clinical Supervisor

(M.Couns.(Hon.), MA.Th.,
Ad.Cert.Supervision, WAAT

           Magdalena has over 28 years of counselling experience with complex couple and family cases, including Domestic Violence, complex trauma, PTSD, sexual abuse, addictions, and affairs. Magdalena has provided Psychotherapy and Clinical Counselling to individuals, couples and families with adolescents and adult children. She has worked with several organisations, including Life Care Counselling Services (4 years), Anglicare Counselling Services (8 years) and The Salvos Counselling (5 years).


          She has been engaged in Private Practice over the past 18 years. Since 2006 she has been supervising other Psychotherapists/Clinical Counsellors and Clinical Supervisors and running different types of supervision groups in Australia and Internationally till the present time. Magdalena has provided training in a Certificate of Counselling and an Advanced Diploma of Counselling course with St. Marks – CSU and lecturing in a Masters of Counselling Degree in Supervision at Excelsia College in Sydney. She has run Domestic Violence workshops through the years –working with the perpetrator, the victim and the relationship where DV exists. Her background of living in different countries (Germany, Indonesia, Australia) has enriched her working with all types of people. Her clients come from different ages, religions, cultures and backgrounds.

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