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Peter Morcos 


Peter is a registered psychologist who works primarily with people dealing with depression and anxiety. His approach to therapy is to not only help reduce symptoms but to help his clients develop a confident and fulfilled perspective of themselves. He is available on Tuesday and Thursday face to face and offers video sessions on Saturday.

Peter focuses on empowering you through a compassionate reflection of your life while developing helpful approaches to the difficulties you are experiencing. He incorporates multiple psychological approaches to understand and address your experiences without making the session feel overly rigid. Together, you and he, will develop treatment goals and work at your pace.


Sessions with Peter provide an opportunity to slow down and pay attention to the aspects of life that for one reason or another get “swept under the rug”. These sessions can be difficult but are a necessary part of the healing process. Peter takes a tailored approach to supporting you through these sessions as your therapy progress.



Peter is a fan of authors such as: Jordan Peterson, Tim Ferris, Sam Harris, Andrew Huberman and Alex Hormozi. They epitomize self-reflection, self-compassion, personal accountability, and practical changes. You'll find that they all apply simple concepts consistently across multiple frameworks. Peter uses the same framework of breaking down complex issues into simple principles.


Peter has completed Level 2 training in the Gottman Method for couples therapy. This method focuses on meeting each partner's emotional needs and develops the skills and mind frame required to do so. A significant focus of the Gottman method is rebuilding the friendship between the couple.


Peter uses Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT) and Schema Therapy. He is registered with SIRA and can provide therapy for insurance claims. He also writes a blog to share helpful perspective on therapy related matters at :

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